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-  Hardbound - Graffiti - Sketch - Book 

-  XL (13.5 x 9 inches)

-  80lb Acid Free Archival Sketch Paper

-  Smythe Sewn Pages

-  Durable Immitation Leather Cover

-  Lay Flat Binding for a comfortable drawing experience

-  Custom "Bleeder Page" included with every book for the protection of your pages

16 ~ NYC Landmark Designs printed in Black and Grey Ink repeated throughout the Book

    * The NYC Landmark designs that are repeated throughout the book include: Welcome to NY : The Empire State Sign, Classic Street Gate, Post No Bills, Handball Court, 21 St. Subway Tile,  Perforated Metal Wall, Richies on Delancey St., Sanitation Truck, Box Truck Back, Hell Gate Bridge, Interstate 495 Highway wall, Delivery Truck, Interstate 295 Highway wall, Modern Subway Inside Panels, Classic Subway Inside Panels, Highway Sign Back